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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I apply as a junior in high school?
No, unless this is your last year of high school (e.g., you are graduating early) please wait for senior year.

Can I apply as a senior in high school?
Yes, however strong preference will be given to graduate students as well as undergraduates who have completed at least 1 year of study (i.e. sophomore or junior applicants currently in college/ university).

Are international students eligible?
Yes, as long as you are in the U. S. when you apply.

Are nursing school students eligible?

I am enrolled in a program to earn a teaching certificate. May I apply?
Although most Fund grants are for degree programs, we have supported students working for a certificate.

May your grants be used for graduate school?
Yes. A strong preference is given to students attending graduate or professional schools (e.g., law, divinity, medicine, social work, business, architecture).

I am an undocumented immigrant. Am I eligible to apply to the Fund?
Yes. The Fund does not take an applicant’s immigration status into account.

I live in Illinois but attend school in California, why am I not allowed to apply for a grant?
The Fund discourages applications from outside the geographic area described on our website. Personal interviews, if invited, are part of the application process, and applicants must travel to an interview at their own expense. The Fund feels it would be unfair to have an applicant incur the cost of traveling a great distance to an interview when attending an interview does not guarantee a grant.

When I graduate in spring, I will have a lot of student debt. Can I get a grant to pay off my loans?
No. The Fund does not award grants after a student has completed his/her degree program.

I never took the SAT, or I can’t recall my scores, am I eligible to apply to the Fund?
Yes, please put N/A in that box on the application.

I have just been accepted to graduate school, after the Fund’s deadline.  May I still apply?
No.  You can apply when the next application cycle opens.

Application Process
My recommendation letter writer is technologically challenged and cannot upload his/her recommendation letter. What do I do?
Please have your letter writer contact the fund at if she is unable to upload her recommendation letter.  We require all recommenders to upload their letters through our online application system.

What is the status of my application?
If you are selected for an interview you will be notified by email in March.

I am going to be on spring break the second week of March. Can I set up my interview now?
No. Interviews are only arranged after all applications have been submitted and read. Once the committee decides whom to interview, the Fund will set up in-person interviews at one of four locations: Washington D.C; Philadelphia PA; New York NY; and New Haven, CT.

I will be on spring break in early March. Can I interview via Skype?
We require that all applicants interview in-person.

When will I be notified if I received a grant?
After the board of directors meets in late April, each applicant who was interviewed will receive a letter from the Fund indicating whether they received a grant or not.
Grant Information
Must grants be repaid after graduation?

What happens if I change schools after applying to the Fund?
If you are awarded a grant, the Fund will send your grant funds to whichever institution you specify.

May grants be used for study abroad?
No, grants can only be used for study at institutions within the U. S.

I am a Fellow who received a grant previously for an undergraduate degree. Now I am applying to graduate school. Can I get another grant from the Fund?
You may apply; however generally we support students for only one degree program.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at