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Welcome to the Roothbert Fund application site

Please click on "Sign Up" if you are a new applicant to the fund.

Next year's application cycle begins on November 1 and applications are due on February 1, 2022 at 11:59 PM (US/Eastern) with no exceptions.


GRANT SIZE: Grants average $5000-$7000 per year and approximately 10-15 applicants receive fellowships.  Aid is given for the ensuing school year.  Applicants who receive fellowships are eligible to apply for renewals for a similar grant amount if they are continuing their degree the following year.  Strong preference will be given to graduate students as well as undergraduates who have completed at least 1 year of study (i.e., sophomore or junior applicants).  Please see for additional information on the scholarship program.

VERY IMPORTANT — BEFORE YOU CONSIDER APPLYING: The application process requires three essays, three recommendations and transcripts.  While candidates are typically required to attend a required in-person interview, in 2021 all interviews will be conducted virtually.  The virtual interviews will be scheduled on extremely short notice in March.  No grant is awarded by the Fund without an interview, and submitting an application does not guarantee being invited for an interview, and being invited for an interview does not guarantee a scholarship.

Awards are announced in late April. Grants are mailed to the grantees' institutions in August.

Please see our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

Please login with the user name and password you created for your original, new application.  If you did not originally apply online, click on "Sign Up" and indicate that you are a "Renewal Applicant" under "Category".

In accordance with its mission, the Roothbert Fund does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, age, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, veteran status, genetic information, military service or disability in the determination of its scholarship grants. Every effort is made to ensure fairness and consistency in the selection of grantees.

  • I understand that my account and profile contain personal data, including my name, contact information, email, date of birth, and school, and that the Roothbert Fund will process such data for the purpose of administering my account and determining my eligibility for scholarship.
  • I understand that the information submitted in this application process and other information the Roothbert Fund obtains will be used for the Roothbert Fund Scholarship application process and may be used for research, promotional, or other purposes by the Roothbert Fund.
  • I understand that this application, upon receipt, becomes the property of the Roothbert Fund.  I also waive the right to inspect any credentials collected by the Roothbert Fund that may be considered confidential under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.